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Our Story

The story of Aniwell® started over 40 years ago in 1970 with their primary total sun-blocking and wound protection cream - FiltaBac®. Aniwell® is the Veterinary Pharmaceuticals division of Robin Pharmaceuticals Ltd and the Aniwell® philosophy is based on a real work attitude that the company Robin Pharmaceuticals Ltd (RPL) has had for years:

"...yes, we can do that!"

Aniwell® is the brand under which the FiltaBac®, FiltaClear® and AMHVet® products sit:


FiltaBac® has been licensed in New Zealand since 1970, with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) formally the Animal Remedies Board, as a product developed to protect the skin in cattle and sheep from the damage caused by Facial Eczema (FE).

The New Zealand farming industry needed a suitable, easy-to-apply, topical application to protect non-pigmented and non-hair covered skin in dairy cows and the faces and ears of sheep. We helped solve the problem and we're proud to say today... that FiltaBac® is still highly regarded and used extensively in the dairy industry and now also the equestrian and veterinary fields due to FiltaBac®'s wound protection and sun blocking qualities ...... and this experience of over 40 years has been invaluable in helping us develop and refine the whole ANIWELL® range.


FiltaBac® now is complemented by FiltaClear® - a total sunblock cream containing Titanium dioxide, that rubs into near clear and is suitable for use on CATS.


Also the very popular and superior skin cream AMHVet® (Active Manuka Honey Vet 25% anhydrous cream) which utilises the world renowned fantastic natural properties of NZ's Manuka Honey (Active Manuka Honey certified to an activity factor of 15+) to provide protection and soothe irritation topically for all animals.

Addressing Facial Eczema in New Zealand

It all began in Auckland, New Zealand, where our beginnings may have been humble but the issues we were addressing were and are extremely serious. There is a serious and economically damaging condition affecting the dairy and sheep meat/wool industries, a major sector in the NZ economy, in the form of Facial Eczema.


Facial eczema is a devastating problem amongst stock. It appears very rapidly and the visible outcome is severe damage to non-pigmented or near hairless skin, especially on the teats and udder, causing it to peel away. This damage is attributed to the photo-sensitisation caused by the absorption of the toxins ingested by cows (the fungus Pithomyces chartarum). The toxins from the fungi are isolated by the liver and create a photo-reaction which causes painful photosensitivity, severe peeling and severe damage to teats and udders in cows and the face of sheep. This happens to such an extent in dairy cows that it is impossible to milk the cow.

The traditional application (1960-70) was a black cream or ointment. When we were asked if we could make such a product, our answer was:

"Yes, we can do that, but why a black cream? That's exactly the reverse to what should be done in the case of photo-sensitivity. A white REFLECTIVE cover cream should be applied, plus the skin is damaged so the added benefit of an antibacterial would be useful."

FiltaBac® quickly proved very effective and very successful... attributed primarily to its complete sunblocking and light blocking properties achieved by a high percentage of Titanium dioxide and the Zinc oxide in the cream.

Combined with the antibacterial qualities of the Cetrimide and Benzalkonium Chloride in FiltaBac® (NZ/Australia) it was also used on horses and other animals such as dogs, goats, pigs etc. It also quickly became apparent that the application of FiltaBac® onto the damaged skin area gave an almost immediate soothing, pain relief reaction.

FiltaBac® does not affect milk grades allowing cows to have the affected teat treated before one milking, washed off and safely milked at the next.

The cream is non-reactive primarily because of the non-absorbed, inert value of pharmaceutical grade Titanium dioxide. The consistency and the phasing of the creams structure mimics the properties of real skin allowing transpiration of the covered area and prevents intrusion of external contaminants. So that's why we've been saying for years and still say it today, simply and clearly: FiltaBac® is:

"as close as you can get to a totally natural second skin"

FiltaBac® UK does not contain Benzalkonium chloride

FiltaBac UK uses Bronopol BP and Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol (DCBA) as the antibacterial, antifungal and preservative agents.

We look forward to your feedback

We expect questions and suggestions... after all, as per our working philosophy for 40+ years;...

"yes, we can do that...even in the UK"

So have a good scout around the website. It won't take long because we know you're very busy but we think we've included enough information on these pages to make our case so that you can use any of the Aniwell® products in total confidence, knowing it has our utmost backing and support.

Robin Sinclair MPS NZ
Director and Product Development
Robin Pharmaceuticals Ltd